Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

Tale of you'r Life

The life we ​​live today is a life that moment, so that eventually we will get back to our creator has given us a pleasure of life on earth. present life, the life we ​​live must have meaning, in the sense that we should be able to make our kehiduapan currently useful for others at least for people who is around us at this time.
What we've done for someone who is around us for this sat, if all we do is quite meaningful to those around us or even our neighborhood were just the rubbish society where we do not have any more meaning their hearts, not have something to be remembered that there is only a detraction detraction-useless because we do not have the benefit for a change.
Let us interpret and perform a positive act ynag can be useful for people who is around us, providing a significant benefit to our family in a small scale, and in large scale is a community located around our environment. Do not ever give up when we experience a failure, we never feel small because of the failure that we face, be greater than the failure of ourselves that we've been through so that we can become a rock yangtidak easily destroyed by the swift waves of sea water, and makes us like a semakian tall trees where the wind will blow faster and faster, when we already high then we already have roots that are already strong with the brunt of the wind.

2 komentar:

  1. Tolong tolong tolong mas, pake bahasa sunda aja coba tolong yaaa

  2. waduh maaf mbknya saya teu tiasa sunda nies euy kumaha atuh mbk