Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

Human resources

human resources who are most in unggulkan by every company, every company will always develop existing resources to maintain the smooth progress and the company is that where the latter will be able to compete with companies engaged in the same field line in the sense ready to compete with its competitors.
in an era that would come every company will increasingly compete in a tight, revealing the advantage of existing resources therein. companies that have good resources that will be able to survive in the onslaught of globalization, where every employee will be required to be able to compensate and achieve the vision and mission of the company.
Resources are key for any company to run the job and maintain activity and stabilize the condition of the company when his company suffered a setback in producing products that will be sold to consumers.
so here is the role of a manager to manage their employees in accordance with company requirements. managers must be able to see the opportunities ahead, managers are able to motivate the employees who work inside the company.

what would happen if a company has employees who do not know about the vision and mission of the company where they work, it is certain that the company will not be able to compete with its competitors who where sooner or later the company will be bankrupt.an employee at the heart of the company, a company that has employees who are talented will be able to compete with similar companies in the industry.

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