Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

Motivation Life Struggle

Life on earth do not we just remain silent if indeed we want a key to success is where we must always strive to achieve it, trying with what we are capable of not only the mercy of others.
Life is full of struggle comrades, life is not just eating and drinking but how much we can be useful to the community that is around us is useful to people both of our families and our friends who are in our lingkunagan.
Keep one thing we must remember that parents who always take care of us from our start small until we become mature at the moment is a struggle that where done with patience.

We are not able to know what we should do and what should we do to our parents when we are adults at this point is how we are to please them, how do we show pa they have done for us, they give us separately until now this.
Our parents who always pray for us day and night, which is always there on sat we need a caress of love, which always accompany our loyal either love or sorrow.
Life is full of struggle and do is we will give up his hard life because this is what we will encounter later. Substitute as a parent to our children tomorrow. Life must go through with a warm smile, with a sense keikhlasanm is we do not easily give in when we face a failure because failure is a lesson we are to become more mature than at present.
Let us continue to navigating life with a smile instead of a cry because we're afraid to fail.

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